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Warnings and Instructions

Safety Warning Labels

Safety warning labels can and do provide protection against injury. The appropriate graphics and wording of a label can save an arm . . or even a life, and protect your company from liability.

Weinstein Associates understands the psychology of label usage and readability. We know how to create labels to reach users of all literacy levels and multi cultural backgrounds. Our labels are product-specific as well as user-specific.

Signal Word and Color

Alert Symbol

All labels must include the proper signal word (DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION) and safety color (RED, ORANGE, or YELLOW) as set forth in The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Z535. We analyze the potential hazard and use the proper signal word and color necessary to alert your product users to the level of danger.


Simple words and short sentence inform your users of the hazard, the risk and the action to take to avoid injury. That's what makes a safety label effective. Where a second language is appropriate for your user population, we use it.


Many product users can not read. We create graphics on the label (pictograms) that clearly communicate potential hazards to users regardless of their literacy level.


How do we know what works? We test the labels with people who represent your users to make certain your labels are understood.


Manuals and Other Instructional Materials

A well-designed product with effective safety labels is still incomplete without appropriate instructions. Manuals help both end users and their supervisors by giving them the tools needed to train workers to use products effectively. We develop real-world manuals and other materials that users will understand.

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