Creating the Reasonably Safe Product: Using the Law to Prevent Liability

In recent years, products liability law has dramatically changed the manufacturer's responsibilities in the design and production of products, with a resultant change in the concepts of safety and reliability. To respond effectively to this shift in perspective, it is crucial to have an understanding of these legal concepts in relation to the design and manufacturing process, as well as to marketing the product.

Through this intensive, maximum participation program, participants will understand what the law asks of product producers, and what is considered to be a reasonably safe product. The seminar can range from a brief talk to an in-depth seminar, with as much or as little detail as required by the audience.

This seminar will also enable participants to:

Course Emphasis and Applications:

The law only requires that products be reasonably safe. To help participants understand this premise, the course initially focuses on the two basic legal theories of negligence and strict liability as the foundation to distinguish unreasonable dangers from those that are acceptable. These concepts are then used to invert the legal process to enhance and enlarge the product design process as well as to understand the need for, and how to create, adequate instructions and warnings.

Special Features:

Professional Level:

The course is intended to serve officers and management as well as design and manufacturing personnel. Management will understand the basic reasons for implementing the concepts of this course as a matter of corporate policy, while those who design and manufacture the product can add these concepts to their toolbox for creating the reasonably safe product.

Instructors' Biographies:

Alvin S. Weinstein is an attorney and a mechanical engineer. He is Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie-Mellon University and has taught law at the Franklin Pierce Law Center. He has been active in government sponsored research for improving the product liability litigation process and developing approaches for manufacturers to reduce exposure to liability. He was chairman of the Design, Engineering and the Law Committee of the America Society of Mechanical Engineers. Among his publications is the book Products Liability and the Reasonably Safe Product.

Charles F. Seyboldt has degrees in mechanical engineering and law. He has over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry, having engineering responsibilities covering a broad range of product and manufacturing technologies. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a registered patent agent.

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