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Product Safety and Intellectual Property Links

Product Safety

Law Journal - Products Liability
CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Safety Council
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
Code of Federal Regulations

International Safety Regulations

Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
EU Directive Search
DG III - Index to New Approach Harmonized Standards
EU Safety Directives - Implementing Measures
EU Official Documents
EUR-Lex: Official Journal - Recent Issues
Directive Listing
NSSN Standards Search
DTI Guidance Documents re: Directives (UK)
ISO Catalog Search
Global Engineering Documents
BSI Standards Electronic Catalogue
ANSI, ISO, and IEC Standards
ISO Online
ASME Codes & Standards BPVC Data Reports
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
I*M Europe
Regulatory Compliance Information Center
DTI Index of Regulatory Compliance Documents
Safety Link
The Automation List
CE Related Links
Links to Standards Bodies
EU Sources for Standards
Approvals Committee Terminal Equipment (ACTE)
TABD 1998 Mid-Year Scorecard Report
APPROVAL - Engineering Guide to European Quality, Standards and Regulations
Conformance: Notified Bodies
Defence Standards Main Page
Communication Certification Laboratory - Home Page
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
CDRH Guidance on Lasers
EU Institutions and Bodies
BEUC - The Consumers' Voice in Europe
Consumer Interests Links
Compliance International - Asia-Pacific Compliance News
Graphical Symbols Compliant to IEC Standard 417
Recreational Craft Directive - Yahoo! Search Result
NCPA - Environment - Inaccurately Assessing Risk Can Be Costly

Intellectual Property

US Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
European Patent Office
Index to Manual of Classification of Patents
Patent Classification
Patent Forms from the USPTO
Corporate Intelligence Patent and Trademark Searches
United States Code
Code of Federal Regulations
Legal Material - By Source
Supreme Court Opinions
United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Oppedahl & Larson's Intellectual Property Web Site
American Patent and Trademark Law Center
FlatFeePatents.com - An Inventor's Resource
JVS Inventions, John V. Stewart, US Patent Agent
Patent Law Center
Patent Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice before the PTO
PatentPRO - Patent Application Drafting Software
Free help from patent-faq home

The Trade Secrets Home Page
Corporate Intelligence Trademark Search
Trademark Database
Copyright & Fair Use
Copyright FAQ and Copyright Resource Page

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