User Communications: Reducing Liability from your Advertising, Warranties, Instructions and Warnings

Except for the simplest of items, no product is complete without a spectrum of "user communications." These can include warranties, instruction manuals, safety labels, marketing and advertising materials, and a program for customer service, especially during the warranty period.

When these communications, collectively, are created and administered properly, the manufacturer can:

If user communications are not addressed or are addressed haphazardly, inconsistently or improperly, a manufacturer can be exposed to liability that can be equally onerous as that arising from improperly designing or manufacturing the product.

This course will, first, provide you with the statutory and legal framework for these elements of communication. Then, through examples and "homework," you will learn how to prepare and critique warranties, owners' manuals, safety labels and the other communication elements necessary to achieve the objectives of "user friendly" products, reduced liability exposure, and customer loyalty.

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The seminar will enable participants to:

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Instructors' Biographies:

Dr. Alvin Weinstein is an attorney and a Registered Professional Engineer. He is Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie-Mellon University. He is past Chairman of the Design, Engineering and the Law committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, and has been Chairman of the Evaluation Panel of the Center for Consumer Product Technology of the National Bureau of Standards. Among his publications is the book, "Products Liability and the Reasonably Safe Product." The firm, Weinstein Associates, assists manufacturers by developing and evaluating safety review procedures, instruction manuals, safety prescriptions, warranties, and all other user communications.

Charles Seyboldt is a Registered Professional Engineer with over fifteen years of experience in automotive-related manufacturing. Following a successful career in operations support and management, he pursued a law degree, and graduated from law school with honors in 1998. Since then, he has applied his skills in the combination of law and engineering to product safety, delivering results-oriented advice and seminars to scores of companies.

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