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CE Mark

CE Marking


The "CE Mark" is mandatory for most machinery and equipment entering the European Union (EU). Products must conform with various international Directives and standards before they may be legally sold in the EU. Additionally, products must be subjected to a "Risk Assessment" which identifies and documents potential hazards over the anticipated life of the equipment.

A few products require mandatory certification by a third party, but most products can be "self-assessed" by the manufacturer. This requires, however, that the manufacturer be familiar with various EU mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, and acoustic requirements which may vary from U.S. norms, depending upon the particular type of product.

Additionally, EU product manuals, markings and warning label requirements differ considerably from domestic products. The entire process must be documented and maintained in a product "Technical File".


Weinstein Associates can help you obtain the CE Mark for your products by:

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and CE Marking Seminar pages for additional information regarding affixing of the CE Mark.


Weinstein Associates offer a high-value on-site visit that provides companies with clear insights into (1) what is involved in the CE assessment process; (2) what needs to be done so companies can affix the CE mark with confidence; and (3) how to carry out the process.

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